Monday, December 9, 2013

kickin the gas outta the park

are you ready for this!?

our district 76 wellness committee has done it!  

we have kicked the artificial color out of our school breakfasts! 

yea baby yea!  super high fives and fist pumps all around!

close your eyes, look inside... if you missed it, read my to get your juices flowing and start dreaming and acting on a plan to get the fake color out of your food.  it's a great first step.  check out how this pittsburgh principal is propelling a food revolution in his school.  wow... the possibilities...

the breakfast meal options will go down in number and that's just fine.  the cereals and other food options that include artificial color will no longer be sent on a truck to our cafeterias and that is such wonderful news for our students!

we're on our way...

...we'll save the gas for our snow blowers.  we need it!

it's mac's favorite piece of food trivia.  

mac: "dudes, did you know that food color is made from gasoline!  YUCK!"  

and then they all look at him like he's crazy...

mac:  "just google it"

thanks to the jamie oliver food foundation's work to improve school food policy, our country is getting her food revolutionizing on!!!  

i can't believe what food patriots we've turned into.  i feel like dancing a little now.


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