Tuesday, October 22, 2013

connecting chi-town and the burbs

there is nothing better than meeting other local fellow ambassadors!  i met up with one of the chicago food revolution ambassadors, sarvin haghighi, a few weeks ago for a lovely lunch downtown to get to know each other better...  it sure has taken me long enough to post about it!  i had the best time and our brains are very much connected on how to bring real food education to our communities.

she is helping me get apples for food day on thursday (1300 is not a shabby numbah) and we're meeting up tomorrow to exchange the goods!  how awesome is that!?  thank you so much sarvin and i can't wait to get cooking with you one of these days and introduce you to the other food ambassadors i work with - briana and christina!

here's what we have in the docket:

miss christina is in her kindergarten daughter's classroom today doing some real food demonstrating!   her co-worker sara lohrman (who is essentially a food ambassador too with all she does) will be leading her stevenson high school foods classes in 2 activities:  1 class is cooking with the preschool and another is doing a stir fry demo in the cafe during lunch for all of the students!  the cafe bought all of the food and even sourced it locally!  HOLY SMACKERALS!!
miss briana is going to be doing a real food cooking demo centered around apples & apple pies at her daughter's preschool classroom on thursday!  that is going to be one fantabulous sight seeing all those little kiddos getting into cooking!!

these ladies are simply incredible and i could not be luckier to be in their company. cheers to rocking food day week 2013 ladieeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!

making some noise, making some noise, making some noise


looking for something to watch this week in honor of food day?  we got together with some neighbors a few weeks ago, cooked up a storm and ended the night on the couch to watch this eye opening film. put this one on your list foh shoh!

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