Sunday, September 8, 2013

happy birthday - the mullies turns 1

a year ago this weekend, i went to my oldest son's flag football game and talked to my girlfriend jen about what i was about to do:  clean out my fridge and pantry and go grocery shopping for "cleaner' food.

yesterday we had another flag football game.  i saw her, gave her a big hug and said,  "you and i spoke exactly one year ago today.  today was the first day of my food change."  

i really don't even know how to describe how i felt watching the game.  reflecting on how i took my family's food life by the "go-nads" without any guarantees that it would work.

man, am i glad i did.  

today is the day i tackled blogger and signed myself up for one crazy ride.

oh jen.  thank you so much for cheering me on that day, for not telling me i was crazy and for sharing your successful experiences with food and family.  you were such an inspiration that day and you still are.  totes to you my dear.

it got HOT sitting on those bleachers, so i went down under to see where the kids were all hanging out and popped a squat myself in my beach chair.

i told abbie what day it was and she gave me that face.  HA!!

so far so good in 2nd grade.  

i still feel like i'm in a cage sometimes, with the weight of the bleachers on my shoulders.  

and sometimes i feel like this.  like i just won the lottery.  because i really have.  this life of mine.  i love it and i hope that i leave some real good stuff behind.

bring on the yin and yang spiderman.

what will year two bring?

ohhhhh dolly miss molly... a lot of sunshine i hope.

hope #1: to inspire more families to get their lean.mean.fighting.machines cleaner and having fun cookin in their kitchens.

hope #2: it's sunday people.  today marks the 1st day of the bears road to a superbowl victory. 

DAAAAAAAA bears da bears da bears da bears da bears da bears da bears...



and how about this timing?  the top 5 finalists in jamie oliver's search for a food tube star have been announced TODAY!!!  i didn't make it (drat) but i sure had a hoot making this entry video.  i'm really glad i didn't have to narrow down the field, and i'm really happy to see these individuals as finalists.  i love them all.  ***if you look fast at the first block of videos in the beginning montage, i get a shout out on the bottom middle square... look quick!  i think jamie and the food tube liked it!!!!!  yea baby yea!!!!  

NOW GO VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE(s) TO WIN!!!  i'm voting for 2 i think:)


  1. What a difference a year makes! Whoot whoot to the mullies!!!!

  2. HIP HIP HUMONGOUS SUPERCALAFRAGALISTIC HHHOOOOOORRRAAAYYYYYYY!!!! ONE YEAR MY DEAR! leave good stuff behind, i love it!! congrats, what a year it's been! xoxo, bunny


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