Friday, September 27, 2013

a tribe wellness guest post!

huge big thanks to Amy at for having me on the weekend as a guest blogger!  i have really enjoyed connecting with her.  i found tribewellness very early on in our food change a year ago and it's a favorite space that will be bookmarked in the mullies foh-evah.

enjoy my post and have a crazy.ballz.out.amazing.weekend.

it's gonna be beautiful here in chi-town and i can't wait to get one last boat ride in.  sigh.

pumpkin soup here i come!

can you believe this one!?  tommy eating a lettuce wrap... the sky must be falling... it took some major cajoling though, so don't be feeling like i have it figured out yet!!!!!!


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  1. Awesom post over there at tribe wellness. Keep on keeping on, chimmie! You are the fire!


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