Tuesday, September 24, 2013

a corn chowder soup challenge

did i include enough pictures for you?!  HA!

we invited the kids to join us in cooking our september food ambassador challenge recipe but alas, the kids just wanted to play.  and that's just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.  christina and i sure had fun picking herbs from her garden, tossing back a glass of wine and cooking up some soup together on a lazy friday night:)  

here is the fabuloso corn chowder recipe that YOU MUST MAKE!  why?

#1 inexpensive ingredients.
#2 it is easy peasy & FAST to make = key for school/work nights.
#3 we ALL loved it!

the only thing we changed? we used gluten free flour and swapped out the cow's milk and used 4 cups organic rice milk + 1 can of trader joe's light coconut milk to make it dairy & gluten free.  it was really really good.

breaking news: abbie has put in an official request to the mullies test kitchen to make this over and over again.  i was so happy i broke out in a jig.  

the last three pictures are my saturday left-over soup bowl (i hogged it to myself).  i jazzed it up with a little buffalo hot wing sauce and fresh avocado.  oh.my.word.good.

christina's garlic bread: broil buttered/oiled bread, simply rub a little garlic over the top.  

i save the "butts" of our Udi's sandwich bread - no wasting here!!  thanks to christina, i'm officially converting from my "garlic salt method" to the "real garlic rub method".  the best part? the kids can totally rub the garlic on the "butts" next time!  talk about laughing in the kitchen together... hee hee!!

each month our food revolution lake county team is going to try and get together and tackle the ambassador recipe challenges.  miss briana had a wedding this time around (boo) so she couldn't make it and we're sure looking forward to blowing up next month's recipe together!  it may not always work out with our cray cray schedules, but that's our goal!

thanks food revolution for inspiring us to make that tasty, easy soup.  i'm going to try this minestrone soup next, as it looks ahmazeballs (don't forget to check out out all their wonderful library of recipes on the right side bar)... meal planning here i come... yes please!



did i mention we multi-tasked while we were chowdah cookin...

christina's butternut squash tip of the day:

"Slice it up, toss it in a little evoo and roast it on a silpat for 20 min at 375 degrees.  it takes so much less time in the oven, not to mention way easier getting the tough outer skin off."  

yea baby yea.

and then she turned it into this last night... butternut squash gnocci and pork with a balsamic fig glaze.... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and the crowd goes wild!!!!


  1. oh you girls, so pretty! and love all of the thumbs up (and funny faces) soup looks great, especially with avocado and hot sauce!!

    1. you would love this soup and definitely DEFINitely add the caliente y verde!!!! arriba arriba!!!!


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