Tuesday, August 20, 2013

real shiny and new

i spent a long lovely weekend in denver full of wonderful memories.

somehow, i did not take any pictures of my two night stay at camp1899 (the most fantastic 526 square feet DIY i've.ever.seen).  thank heavens bunny took pics for me, it really was the perfect weekend.

i helped my sis and family move into their new denver home (i.love.every.square.inch) and spent time with my two sweetie pie neices.  ohhhhhh, i can hear them now... "where the ____ did lindsey put the colander!?!?!?" my goal was to get the kitchen completely unpacked and besides for their cookbooks, i think we did it!  ...oh how i wish i lived closer to my sister.  i wonder what fun imaginary worlds her two little girls will dream up together like we did so long ago.  whatever would i do without our nutty-ness!?  to the mullies you go in your new home sister.

i walked to a farmer's market with my parents and found some real food loveliness to bring back to the newly unpacked kitchen:  fresh goat cheese, red pepper hummus, (another spanish style spread i can't remember the name of), crusty sourdough starter bread and local peaches.

we smelled the sunflowers.

and ate a lot of peaches.

the best part?  when i landed back in chi-town yesterday and checked my email, my bunny surprised me with something totally unexpected, shiny and new for me.  did you notice?  a fresh, beautiful blog banner full of pictures that=the mullies for me.  oh.my.dear.i.love.it.so.  thank you thank you thank you.

girlfriends really do make the world go round.


chris looked at my pictures as i was typing this post and he reminded me of this song.  i had no idea there was an epic ninja fight at the end...  makes me love it even more.


school starts tomorrow!!!  i feel a little unprepared given my traveling last weekend... but this school lunch post from 100daysofrealfood is going to help me big time with transitioning into my super mom lunch mode.  i gotta get to the grocery store today... now where did i put my pad o paper?


  1. now that is three fly people in that second photo!! (; and miss missing you, such an amazing weekend! xoxo, bunny

  2. Love love love the new banner! Rocking it out chimmie!


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