Thursday, August 1, 2013

my blogher first time

i went solo last thursday to my first blogher event downtown and met some amazing women in blogland. invited me to their blogger meet & greet after i participated in their webnar on introducing easy steps to eating healthy and safe foods a few weeks ago.

i love the concept of a webnar.  when you tune in live you can actively comment and ask questions. you can surf the internet at the same time, cook up lunch or dinner and have it on in the background like radio station.  along with Dr Alan Greene MD, FAAP and Andrea Donsky, this webnar featured Robyn O'brien, the first woman activist i stumbled upon during my food change journey.  her tedx speech is absolutely the single most WOW moment i had last fall and it's the speech that made me realize i was going to join her and the many others out there like Jamie Oliver in bringing the message of real food to my family, friends and beyond.

make sure and bookmark healthychild's resource center introducing easy steps for eating healthy and safe foods for you & your family.  it's that good.

it's picture time!!!  here i am with Lindsay Dahl (left), the deputy director of and actor, author and activist Mariel Hemingway (middle).

i have started to move beyond my pantry and look into the chemicals, my make-up, the lotions and potions... not to mention the loads cleaning supplies that we have in our home.  thank heavens to betsy there are passionate people out there like Lindsay and to help & provide resources out there for the masses because i'd go freakin batty trying to figure it what is toxic and what's not on my own.

Mariel is just a hoot.  i loved hearing her speak.  she is warm, funny, self deprecating and her message really gets through.  i found this usa today article on both her new book and new documentary coming out which got me even more excited about keeping it real.  she believes that "Creating a healthier body and mind allows us to do more and live a longer, more vibrant and meaningful life. It is my belief that the choices we make, the information we seek, and the food we eat are integral to our well-being."  

hollah that.

speaking of a hoot, here the other ladies i rubbed elbows with that night.  

meet Katherine Scoleri (left) and Joelle Reeder (right).  Katherine is the editor-in-chief/writer at and Joelle is a designer and owner at moxie design studios in addition to being the author/blogger of  this girl makes me laugh, and i need to laugh... A LOT.  we had so much fun sharing our stories, and i look forward to following these two lovely ladies!

drum roll...  i am just kicking myself for not.getting.a.picture, but i met the very very very first blogger that helped me get my family's pantry in order and my brain around kicking out processed food.  i met Lisa Leake from  it was the highlight of my night!  i follow and link to her and her husband Jason Leake almost daily.  i knew it was her as soon as she walked in and introduced myself as quickly as i possibly could.  Lisa is as real as the real food she talks about in her blog.  

Sarah Brown's hello was my first of the night, as we both were prompt to the party and connected immediately over family, blogtalk and real food.  her uber informative & popular is awesome. 

have you ever heard of  i had a great discussion with Tamara Rubin and i'm so excited for her new documentary coming out.  check out the trailer on the site!  

i also really enjoyed meeting Ronnie Citron-Fink and Anneka Wisker, the managing editor and program assistant for  i love the name of that organization... us moms... when we latch on to something, we are a force of nature... so watch out!!!!

thank you to and to all of these incredible women who share the same passion as i do, the passion for creating a healthy - - for our kids, ourselves and our future... it was such a wonderful night of networking! 

light it up ladies!!



  1. It was so fun what a treat to meet you!

    1. well, with that great name of yours, it was hard not to like you! HA! Loved meeting you and it was definitely a treat:)

  2. Sounds awesome! Wish I could have made it!

    1. next time i need to give you more than a one day's notice!!!! xoxo


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