Friday, August 23, 2013

megalodon bites the bread babes

ok people.

so as you know i was just in denver for an epic weekend.

in my delusional bread babeness, i hoped to show camp1899 the sacredness of the gluten free sandwich bread that i love.  kelli and peter's gluten free flour recipe is a staple in the mullies and i have really gotten into making bread.  new skills turn me on.  i prefer their baguette recipe over the sandwich bread recipe (cuz you only need to use warm water!) and i decided it would be SO FUN to have them buy all the flour... mix up all the flour... and make two loaves of bread.  

NOW.  i was in bread experimental mode.  camp1899 is fully vegan and the cookbook offers an eggless version which simply increases the milk mixture and xanthan gum.  so, this is what we did:

1st loaf=2 c rice milk + 1/2 c light coconut milk
2nd loaf= 2 c rice milk + 3 egg replacer eggs + light coconut milk to equal 2.5 cups

we kept all of the other recipe variables the same like usual.  i make the sandwich bread with eggs and my dairy free milk concoction all the time in my kitchen.  so this seemed to be a flawless plan to see if an egg replacer would be a factor in making better bread.

are you following me? does it even matter if you are!?

both loaves rose gorgeously.  all the way to the top of the pans by the end of the hour of rising.  we had cocktails under their southern style porch, chatted with neighbors and marveled at how cool it was to watch the dough go up up up.

we put it in the oven.

and after a bit this is what happened... sinkage.

and more sinkage!!!!!!


well, does it taste good?  yes, but not the texture nor the density that was expected.  oye.

so, our bread babeness bombed.  big time.

the egg replacer was bubkiss... didn't matter a lick.

why did it sink after rising so great!?  did we not cook it long enough?  the inside was super doughy and moist and just turned into a brick.  so, i am ON IT!!!  i will not rest until i figure out how to make a vegan loaf of bread for my bunny and her mate.  peter and kelli, i need help:)  this bread babe adventure is to be continued...

so what happened after that?  after we cried about our failure as bread bakers?

well of course, we turned on a little discovery shark week action.

and got sucked into megalodon.  i'm so mad i could spit.


just found out peter and kelli will be coming out with a dairy free, egg free version of the sandwich bread... oh oh oh oh oh... megalodon!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. thanks for making bread with me miss L, even though it was a complete bomb stinker! you make everything fun (; even megaladon!! xoxo!


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