Saturday, July 20, 2013

it's ok to socca

without a single doubt, the hardest thing when you start cooking more is that you have're.doing.  there are a lot of "first times".  you must be an adventurous spirit as recipes usually don't go so well on the first go around.  perhaps not even on the second.  do you have enough gumption, enough backbone, enough perseverance to try again?  try try try.

tommy tried peeling a carrot for the first time.  mac kept wanting to take it from him because he struggled a bit with the peeler.  it's so hard to watch sometimes when you know you could do the job better and quicker.

here is my first try at making socca.

abbie and her girlfriend made fresh lemonade in the meantime.

socca is gluten free, full of protein and super simple to mix up.  three ingredients!!!  water, evoo and garbanzo/fava bean flour.  i found this article helpful on how to make socca.

oye on the flippage part.  hmmmmmmm, must practice that a little more:)  perhaps i'll try the oven method next time and see how that works out!

i altered the tuna salad a bit as i didn't have all the ingredients on hand.  here is what i changed about the open-face tuna salad on socca from goop:

1 jar tuna (i had tonnino brand!  wild caught, dolphin safe baby)
1/2 organic zucchini diced
2 organic dill spears diced
2 T vegenaise

simple sally.

so the socca wasn't super pretty and perfect, but you know what?  i can't wait to make it again.  i can't wait to flavor it up a bit and experiment with it.  i could even pop this in the kids' lunches this year... :)

the kids tried tuna salad and socca for the first time.

they didn't clean their plates, but you know what?

it didn't socca.

the perfect summer lunch.

thanks goop.

i like simple so i can go jump in the lake.

and chase the sun.



  1. i've never heard of socca! must try (; love the pic of you!!

    1. thank you bunny! you must try, i think you two will LOVE it:)


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