Monday, July 15, 2013

big birthday love - a top 10

today is my bunny's birthday.  these sunny flowers are for you today as you ride off into the wild wild west for the best.birthday.summer.vacation.ever.

wishing you super fun travels and super awesome real food finds out and about... that teleportation machine is on order i swear.

i hope you get to pick some wild flowers and smell them like mary katherine gallagher.

you are a big, huge bright light in my life and quite nothing has been the same since you entered into my festivas so long ago.

so without further ado, may i present a monday fun day top 10 in honor of you and my favorite galactic destination, camp1899.

a big bunny birthday top 10

10. you told me about pinterest before anyone else.  2 years ago = pin-a-what!?

9. your style hurts me.  what to wear = copy that.

8. you i spy like no other.  wait, should i be telling anyone about that?

7. you introduced us to porcupines and moscow mules (and good lord who is that woman with blond hair?!  thank heavens i listen when you talk).

6. you ride a canon like a stallion =  best.trip.ever.

5. you told me about the food documentary forks over knives first miss vegan goddess.  you and him embody a real food lifestyle.  i will never forget our first food talk in the santa fe.  thank you for waiting for me to jump off the highway in a vespa with you.

4. you and him = DIY small house love.  can't wait for my next epic sleepover.

3. you inspire me, keep me on track and light my path with porchtalk.  brave is my fav.

2. you are fierce.

1. you are loved.

happy happy birthday bunny - to the mullies we go.  



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