Monday, June 10, 2013

to the mullies with amazing edibles

if i'm going to teach my kids how to cook properly, i must first learn myself how to get it on in the kitchen!

so hollah, here we go on my first official mullies cooking klass adventure!!!  my girlfriend kristy invited me to join her at amazing edibles gourmet catering last week.  that lovely lady i am pictured with above is miss andrea herrera, the president and brand evangelist of this amazing company.  i met andrea for the first time on my last mullies field trip with kristy to bottle and bottega where we ate her delicious food and painted the night away.   

i cannot wait to go back and bring some more peeps along with.  would you like to come!?  this experience really got my wheels turning for date night, ladies night, bachelorette/bachelor parties, birthday bash... a.whatever.night.that.floats.your.boat.night.  there is nothing better than donning an apron, sipping cocktails, learning about cooking from scratch and then of course getting to eat it all.  yes please, can i have another?

amazing edible's summer classes currently scheduled:
june 13 bbq/grilling class from 6-8pm – 5 spots open
july 11 french class - 10 spots open
august 7 gluten free - 10 spots open

i can't promise that these spots are still around since i talked with andrea, but if you'd like to get in on these classes already scheduled, you better get your act in gear.  i wish i could go to ALL of them, don't you!?!?

list price for classes is $75.00, and amazing edibles would be delighted to welcome any aspiring mullies chefs for $50.00 per person – WHAT WHAT WHAT!!!!  holy wowza, thank you andrea!!!  i left one happer camper with a ton of new cooking info swimming in my head, a stack of 8 new recipes in my purse and full belly of crazy good food and cocktails.  

**all mullies guests must register in advance by calling amazing edibles at 312-563-1600 or you can email andrea at and she can add you to the class list.  or, if you'd like to schedule your very own personalized class for a special occasion, just give her a ringah-ling.  she'll work it all out with you.

feelin like it's too complicated living in the burbs?
1. get on the metra and take the milwaukee north line to western ave.
2. when they announce the stop, text for a cab - 312.300.6894.  it's so easy it hurts me.  all you do is type the address and they pick you up.  the western ave address is 420 n artesian ave 60608.  you can also take it all the way to union station - it's close to being the same distance and there are always cabs around there.
3.  you're cookin $10 bucks later.
4. text for a cab when you're done, go home or go out dancing... next time i'm dancing.

are you excited yet!?  

here is our most excellent tapas and sangria cooking class adventure with chef’s Alexi Mandolini and Gabriele Ausraite.  these chefs can educate.  i learned so much, thank you for an amazing and delicious night girls!

i'm kinda feeling a song coming on...

can you hear what i am trying to say?  we need to be domesticated and liberated back into the kitchen.  

you know i want it, i know you want it and i'm a good girl so let's get blasted.  

everybody get up... and get an apron on.  hey hey hey!

a little knife skills chat.  

i love me some onions.  i have always made three cuts to dice an onion... now i know how to make only TWO!!  ohhhhhhh liberate me.

first make perpendicular cuts across the onion, but don't let it pass all the way through.

second make cuts the other way... why didn't i think of that before!?
ohhhhhh domesticate me.

i'm a good girl.  i've never cut an onion like this before.  this makes me wanna get hurt... i usually cut an onion on the circular side which is great, but sometimes, i don't want the half circles.   are you laughing at me yet?  julienne, hit me up baby...

pepper cutting:  hollow it out, flatten it and, hey hey hey, julienne is far from plastic.  do you notice how she tucks those finger tips back and rests the knife blade against her knuckles?  

christina, you are such a pro and a good girl!!  the way you grab that pepper...

now don't get hurt.  what!?  you don't like work!?

watch those hands kristy... you good girl you.

look, it's stephanie from bottle and bottega!!  you got it going on girl, nice toss!!  work it.

the makings for shrimp rosemarino.

rock chopping like a rock star.

 our rosemary shrimp skewers.

garlic toasts with saffron marinara and goat cheese.
i know you want it.

we made those puffy poofs of pleasure.  black bean & chorizo empanadas with cumin crema.  giggle.


bacon wrapped dates.  you know you want it.

and for my favorite dish of the night... this paella hurts me.  i was blind and deaf to this technique before.  i'm out of my mind in love with it now.

make a well around the cooking veggies and pour DRY rice in the middle.  i have always made my rice on the side... i feel so lucky, i could have hugged everyone... hee hee.

and then pour some simmering broth all over it and let it SIT.

so good it hurts me.

we ended the night sitting under this lovely DIY chandelier and eating our amazing cooked.from.scratch grub.

i hope to see these twinkle lights again very soon.

you know i want it.

cooking is good work and it's a blasted good time.

hey hey hey.



  1. Num that looks scrumptious! You go gals!

  2. Looks delicious! Wish there were more places like that around us! :)

    1. Oh ME TOO Heather!!! Gotta work on that:)

  3. SO much fun!!!!! and to learn in such an amazing kitchen, if i were closer.... (:

  4. Hi Lindsey!
    I have been stalking your blog, it is awesome! Signed myself and a girlfriend up for the gluten free cooking class at AE on August 7th. Thanks for all the great info!

    1. Hi Mary Pat!!!! So excited you commented and so excited you'll be going on the 7th!!!! Thanks for letting me know, if I can confirm my schedule, I'm THERE!!! Looking forward to seeing you this Summer around town and hopefully at the beach!!! xoxo


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