Monday, June 24, 2013

still treasuring my weekend

my chimmie came into town this weekend with her two darling kiddos.

it was life changing.  let me tell you why.

first of all, this recent post has been whispering to me and boy oh boy did it finally come to fruition.  the power of de-cluttering, cleaning and organizing.  i hate doing it, i get distracted, i end up not getting rid of anything (i just hide it some place else) and i just really need help to really do it right.

laura lit a fire under me and we did it bunny!!  both in our pj's on sunday, chris took all 5 kids out tubing and we went to motown on my kitchen and pantry.

so here's to treasuring the once in a lifetime friendships that make my world go round!!!  this is the song that we had on repeat this past weekend and the best jam was when we burst our ear drums bouncing in my swagger van.   oh what fun we had.

oh chimmie, remember these before pics!?!?!  this is my real.  i cleaned this sucker out 9 months ago... but i really haven't done anything with it since we moved in 6 years ago.

oye oye oye.

just disgusting...  every countertop was filled including my table and don't even talk to me about what the floor looked like...  really lindsey, really!?!?

clean clean clean...  now for the restocking...

yup, that's a cheater bbq bag right there... leftover from a boy's golf trip.  those things taste so good when they hit your lips.

and this cluster cluck... yup, it has looked like this for forever and a day.  sometimes i tidy a little bit, but  yeaaaa, i like to call it my anxiety corner.

here is my pile of byebye's...  those oyster crackers were so stale they stunk.  how did i miss this stuff?!

my stomach started hurting when i found those.  we had a good laugh.

i can breathe i can breathe!!!!  and i have a little coffee/tea station.  what dream did i wake up in!?

she made me a work station!!!  somebody pinch me.

thanks for the super boost chimmie.  i needed that big time.  

we of course cooked.up.a.storm, so i'll be sharing those little ditties later in the week.  
stay tuned love bugs.  i think i'm going to clean out my laundry room now... this girl is on FIRE.


ok, i just had to share... check out these new hot coral lamps we found at homegoods!!!  gold insides and all.  treasure hunting is so fun:)



  1. FAVORITE post ever!!!!!!!! i love it, you girls did an a-mazing job!!! the kitchen/pantry/work station, love love love!!! here's to de-cluttering and organizing!!! now on to the rest of the house (: xoxo!!!

  2. YOU ARE MY TREASURE! Oh chimmie, I had so much fun this weekend. I get a little giddy when I organize! And organizing your mail/office area was the highlight of my trip, well and maybe the mules in the copper mugs;) and cooking with you, and going to homegoods.... Ok well it was one of the highlights!. Can't wait to tackle the next project with you! Xoxo
    T should be so proud of us! Ha. Xo


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