Tuesday, May 7, 2013

day 240 - abbie update - our food and ADHD

abbie stalled a little and she's back on track.  it's funny how i get complacent and let things "slide" because everything is going so well.  then i begin to notice that abbie's irritable, arguing with me all of the time and just not herself again.  this time around there were two things i needed to adjust.  i started buying strawberries again and giving them to her in every lunch and for dessert at night.  they are very high in salicylates which is the culprit i think.  i am not eliminating them from her diet, i'm just not going to go bonkers on them like i did for awhile.  i also figured out her breakfasts were not hearty enough.  i added back in some protein here and there (turkey bacon, protein powder in smoothies, chicken & apple sausage links) and she responded immediately.

abbie went through her final reading testing for the year.  she has finished her 1st grade year at independent reading level I and level K instructional.  it was a crazy celebration the other night.  she got the special plate for dinner.  we could not be more proud of her and more thankful for the support of her teachers and administrators.

never in my wildest dreams did i think my little abbie would start out 1st grade at level A and get to level I sitting in those intervention meetings and hearing about her struggle at the beginning of the year.  it was like pulling teeth to get her to sit still, not moan and read with me.  torture.  that sure was the best thunderstorm of our life.  this sun feels so good.  summer is almost here!!

found some goodies for you today!

i didn't realize that my favorite morning radio talk show host has a similar story to mine!

thanks cathleen and lucas for sending this article clipping to me!

here are some great tuesday links on how a food change can help with ADHD, irritability and sensory processing:

the role of diet and behaviour in childhood

alternative ADHD treatment: can diet ease symptoms?

can diet changes really improve ADHD? another mom's story

happy reading my little nerds


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  1. such a cute picture! love that (; and big high fives to miss abbie!!


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