Thursday, April 25, 2013

light it up - an april food revolution blog of the month

play play play...

light is a funny thing isn't it?

where you find it.  how you lose it sometimes.  how you get it back.

the light shines when you know you're in the right place at the right time.  the tinglies happen.

i look for the light in people's eyes.  it makes you feel just like the sun when it hits you, enters you and reflects off.

nothing else seems to matter when you find a passion that lights you up.  perspectives shift.  it plugs you in and you search for more.  doors open and sunlight flickers in.  you forget the buns in the oven.

i love lighting people up.  i love being silly.  i love to dance.  i love inspiring and being inspired.  i love learning and teaching.  i love jumping in with two feet.  i love the anticipation of a big game.

i am totally lit up today to be the april food revolution blog of the month.  i am twirling in a flowy skirt with my hands to the sky and the sun on my face.  no sunscreen needed today:)

i want more than anything else to light up my kids, my husband, my family and friends.  and now, how fun to spread some of this energy outside my cozy little bubble wrap.  thank you food revolution for bestowing such an honor on my little blog that shares my ever evolving life in the kitchen.  i am thrilled to join such a wonderful group of bloggers dedicated to bringing the message of real food to all.

it's a torch i will carry proudly.

thank you jamie oliver.  thank you for sharing your light and for starting the food revolution.  you've weathered a lot of storms doing this and i'm hoping the light and love reflecting all over the world this month will find you and make you feel just like the sun on may 17th.

light it up baby.



  1. hip hip HOORAY!!!!! cheers my dear to jamie olives!!!! BLOGGER OF THE MONTH!!! xoxo

  2. Whoop! Whoop! You go girlie! So proud of you and your success!

  3. I assume you'll get this message even though it's an old post. But thought I'd comment on the post that changed our lives! Thank you! Thank you! I wanted to send an email with more info, but maybe that's not allowed. Anyway...
    I get tons of emails and truly believe I was meant to open that one from Jamie (featuring your blog), as we were likely going to take my son in for evaluation. Anyway 2 days into gluten-free I stopped taking notes and knew were weren't going back! The change has been pretty easy since he willingly gave up donuts, pizza, goldfish etc- you know he must be feeling better! With school starting, hoping to get into a better routine and try more foods. Onward and upward! Thanks again, Alyssa


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