Tuesday, March 5, 2013

trying truffles...chloé sucrée style

i love chocolate.  wonderful, smooth dark luscious chocolate.  hmmmmmmm.  truffles....

now imagine if you could make your own...organic, crazy-easy-dark-chocolate-truffles.

i made these lovelies with my kids...but believe me, if i was with my hubbie, making truffles with him...with this music... alone in our kitchen...oh my lord.  so people, these puppies have a lot of versatility.  hee hee.

here's how:

(led by a yummy carrot cake recipe...gonna try that soon!)

chloé is a food lover, recipe developer, organic chef and organic food coach...and i'm tickled to have connected with her as a fellow food ambassador for the jamie oliver food revolution foundation.  

this one's for you chloe.  you really inspire me in the kitchen.  thank you so much for this wonderful, pass-down-to-my-kids chocolate recipe from the gods.  your truffles rock our hizouse and here's how our chocolate adventure went down...

my make shift double broiler...just fill the bottom bowl with a little water and put another bowl on top.

the almond nut pulp (frozen from my previous adventure of making homemade almond milk).  i wasn't sure if i was going to make milk again...and the answer is now a resounding yes...for these truffles, yes, oh yes please.

simple simple simple mix.

we had sesame seeds and raw cacao on hand to roll the truffles around in.  the kids liked the sesame seeds the best but had no problem snarfing down the cacao dusted balls too.

it was really hard not to just face-plant ourselves into the bowl.

that just says it all.  

vegan dark chocolate truffle notes:
i simply used a google metric conversion tool to help me with the european measurements:
6 oz of organic dark chocolate (2 bars)
1/2 c of almond nut pulp (i froze the pulp from my last batch of almond milk...so happy i did!!!)
(i did not have any pralin - a mix of hazelnuts and brown sugar...but i will try that next time!!)
i followed the rest of chloé's recipe to a T.


wondering how to make your own almond milk?  it's easy...check out this great tutorial here.  use the same method to make walnut milk too:)

speaking of yummy treats...still wondering what yellow #6 really is?  here is a handy food coloring guide....now go look at your pickles label...

today is a snowday!  no school!!!!!!!  yipppeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!


  1. what i love the most... is you cooking with your kids, they are so engaged! that is a true accomplishment! and great guide to food color link (; xoxo, bunny

    1. cooking with my kids has been an unexpected bonus in all of this foh shoh:) didn't know about the yellow #5 and a man's johnson link...well if that can't get a dude on board, i don't know what will;)!


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