Friday, February 1, 2013

secret tomato sauce and a new smoothie

motherhood is always a good time, isn't it?  hardy har har.  play it.

it's always a good time when your kids go to the orthodontist.  abbie got her permanent retainer/expander yesterday.  good morning and good night.

so for the next few days i'll be cooking & preparing softer food for my dearie abbie.  this is fun as long as you wake up on the right side of the bed.  abbie's teeth are super crazy crowded (she inherited spectacular orthodontic genes from us...I had the same issues and am missing 8 permanent teeth to fit them all in...please just call me pretty horse-face).  her upper jaw is too small to fit them all and her lower jaw also juts out too far from her upper = a crazy under/over bite snaggle-tooth mouth.  we had to move with treatment immediately because her bite was such that she could have chipped her front permanent teeth.  no no no.  that would not be a good time.

so, in about a month she'll be wearing a head gear at home and getting some upper brackets.   whoop whoop, it's gonna be alright.  i know, it's crazy that she is only 6!!!  but the earlier the kids are, the easier it is to move the jaw bones...later in life you have to break em to adjust em...i'll take a pass on that one!!!!  mac will be next, but he gets a removable expander...i'll stop writing now about teeth. 

i feel like i dropped my phone in the pool again and that's always a good time.

i made pasta last night and i came up with a super sauce hoping that i wouldn't even have to try and ask the kids to eat it.  what what?  is that tuna in the picture!?  that's right, i accomplished a major super spy trick last night.  check out my new saucy sauce.

it's always a good time tomato sauce/soup/dippy
inspired & adapted from nutrient rich dippies for kids

1 can tuna (or salmon/sardines/anchovies/chicken...whatever you have on hand)
2 cloves garlic
3/4 c organic evoo
1 T organic flaxseed oil
1 T organic lemon juice 
1 T apple cider vinegar
1/2 jar of tomato sauce
s&p to taste

get your magic bullet/vitamix/blender out and mix it all up!  since i have a smaller magic bullet, i mixed everything up except the tomato sauce first.  i poured the tuna mix and the sauce together in a sauce pan and heated it through.  added the s&p and boy oh boy dad said, "this tastes like portillos a la vodka sauce"...oh sweet scoreage.  

hahahahaha, chris i know you're reading this - you just ate tuna last night and loved it sucker.  it's always a good time when i can trick you and the kids.  hahahahahahhaa, i didn't even have to try!!!

we poured this over brown rice noodles and the kids loved it.  it was abbie's first night with the retainer, and she is having trouble chewing, poor thing.  for lunch this morning, i heated it up, put the sauce in a thermos and wa-laaaaaaa, soup!  i can't wait to hear how it went when she gets home.  

hopefully, it was a good time.

and here's my latest and greatest smoothie:

good times berry protein blast

frozen strawberries
frozen berry blend
fruitables apple harvest juice

tommy took a header into the carpet a few days ago...nice face kid.

"thisch isch my schmoothie, tommy"  say it with a uber schloshy lischp pleasche.

genius girl. find a random water bottle lid for a "tea-cup" she says.

this is a really good smoothie mom.  thanks for making breakfast such a good time, whoooooooo!

happy friday!

go have a good time in your kitchen this weekend.  xoxo


  1. hello joan cusack and sixteen candles and HEAD GEAR! love it.

    1. people with head gears are the coolest:) thanks for making me lol down memory lane!!!! xoxo

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    1. Thanks so much for dropping in and so happy to be part of your morning jo:) And oh your pictures of Venice, gorgeous, wish we could go back yesterday!!


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