Thursday, January 17, 2013

day 131 & our evolving grocery list

here we are day 131.

i looked back at the previous grocery list i posted and marveled at the changes i have made to it.

here are the highlights:

very little processed food
lots more vegetables and plant based meals

the one bite rule is working.  they might not eat more than that, but they don't complain about it anymore or whine as much (wait, tommy is still king whiner, but he's 3 and better than he used to be).  they try it and either dive in or move on.  that's great news.  it took awhile - a good two months to get to where we are today and hopefully, those taste buds will keep evolving for me:)

so here's what we've been noshing on lately...

trader joe's
udi's whole grain sandwich bread & bagels
frozen wild caught fish
organic frozen strawberries
lollypops (no artificial colors!)
kind bars (i buy an entire box or two)
organic marinara sauce
organic coconut oil (if i run out of the omega nutrition organic oil)
canned light coconut milk
organic ketchup
organic pickles
organic/free range poultry when available
organic eggs
organic vegetable stock
organic beans (black, garbanzo, great northern - kids aren't bonkers, not giving up)
agave/maple syrup (try to buy the bulk organic at cosco)
peach mango juice
kale chips
dark chocolate
instant coffee

applegate farms oven roasted turkey by the pound for sandwiches
wholly guacamole
go go squeeze applesauce pouches
organicville non-dairy organic gluten free ranch dressing (seriously amazing)
organic peanut butter (or jason's)
winona pure extra virgin olive oil spray (nothing else in it!)
tinkyada pasta joy brown rice pasta (elbow and spirals are the best!)
thai brand canned whole coconut milk
kettle potato chips
el milagro tortilla chips
simply orange juice calcium enriched
silk brand unsweetened almond milk
organic eggs

packaged dried fruit (for lunches & snacks)
bunny bars (organic gf granola bars...sometimes they are not there and i cry)
organic sugar
organic olive oil
maple syrup
marathana all natural almond butter
that pickle guy classic olive muffalata
organic quinoa
skinny popcorn
angie's delightfully different kettle popcorn
kettle brand chips
veggie chips
organic diced tomatoes
organic hemp seed
organic frozen berries mix
organic rice milk

all ways healthy natural food store
large mixed (fruit & veggies) organic produce box
probiotics and vitamins
goji berries, chia seeds & powder for smoothies
gluten free & vegan baking items
aluminum free baking powder
dandy blend instant herbal beverage
herbal teas
daiya cheeses
vegan parmesan
earth balance buttery soy free buttery spread & sticks
organic chocolate sauce (i put the tiniest amount in the kids' almond milk sometimes)
gf flours if i run out in a pinch

vitacost/amazon/omega nutrition
bulk (4 box sets) gluten free flours.  (i mix up quadruple batches of a gluten free flour mix from the artisanal gluten-free cooking cookbook and store it in the fridge.)
omega nutrition organic coconut oil (aroma free!)


my dad jumped on our bandwagon and get these crazy stats:

10 weeks = 14lbs obliterated
cholesterol Sept 2011 = 221
cholesterol at the end of the 7th week = 178
he's a clean eating real food chomping hot papa that man!  so proud of you dad:) xoxo


  1. 14lbs! And lower Cholesterol. That Papa is a rock star!:)
    I love how similar our lists are now. Makes me smile that your are so healthy! Xoxo

    1. i'm finally on your bandwagon chimmie!

  2. I love seeing your posts come in my inbox! Thanks for the detailed list. I printed it out and put it on my frig. Woo Hoo for your dad!!!

    1. he is styling that man:) thanks so much and i'll be sure to keep updating it from time to time!


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