Tuesday, November 13, 2012

steak and mushroom gravy train

this dreamy dinner started with trader joe's organic sirloin steak.

i did not have shallots so i used a half of an onion...  use whatever red wine you have on hand.  i added about 7 shakes of worcestershire sauce and i substituted gluten free all purpose flour and organic coconut oil for the butter.

 i was able to capture a very typical "tommy reaction" to new food.  
if you look hard enough you can hear him whining...lean in....

noooooooooooo mommy.

this dish is seriously ridonculous.

it was really hard not to just say,
oh, what?  no!?
you don't want it tommy?
ok, mommy will eat it:)

and i'm not sure if anything can beat this kid friendly green bean recipe.  

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