Friday, November 30, 2012

just in time... impromptu cooking in the hood

ok play this right now!!!!

it'll totally add to your reading pleasure:)  my absolute fav song EVER...i've been known to dance around in my kitchen to it.  believe it.

i just made it.  met the deadline....phew.  the november jamie oliver food ambassador goal was to teach friends and family a traditional dish from scratch...

it's nov 30th and i thought that i had to inspire someone else other than myself to do the teaching...hahahaha, ooops.  i figured i'd go all in for dec... yet another problem i have with reading:)

so the night started with me just planning & making dinner...and then a neighbor kiddo came over...and  then her big sister and poof!  we had ourselves an impromptu kid cooking class!  yea baby!!!

i had two sweet dumpling squashes that i had to use and i found this recipe on the internet

substituted butter for earth's best buttery spread (soy free).

otherwise, we followed the recipe to a "T".  

we had so much fun...i'm literally officially in love with teaching kids how to cook.

why oh why have i never "cooked" with my kids?  
all i did was ask, wanna cook with me?

this is my first official playdate crash.

and it was a HOOT!!!!

gotta get those darn seeds and pulp out!

yea, this isn't in the recipe but she wanted to know, "what the heck is sucanat!?!!??"

 big sister piercing the squash halves.

yup, she even came over with a cute and a muffin t-shirt...hilarious...the universe came a callin...
i love you know you are:)

where is 1 tablespoon?

shoveling the earth balance buttery spread into the squashies.

teaching the proper way to measure...i just learned that myself:)

go ahead, dump it!

concentration, concentration....

even t-bone got into it!  pouring the maple syrup action!!!

and mac got up from his illustration work to do a little pourage too!!!!!

last one!

the following pics are for the rest of tonight's dinner and didn't finish with all the kids, but i had to share...

...learning how to juice a lemon:)

come on, you gotta get your core into it baby!!!!

now that's what i'm talking about!!!

"this is fun mom."

'nuff said.

ahhhhh, when can we do this again!?!?

the finished product, tah DAH!

thanks for playing along!

everyone absolutely loved the squash.

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