Tuesday, November 20, 2012

go team turtle

man oh man oh man

yet another crazy awesome link from 100 days that i MUST INCREASE MY BUST and pass along.

this dude's blog is ahhhhhhmazing.

...don't hate me for giving you an article on our beloved oreo's...

i can hear the slaps now...

here's my favorite quote from the lips of bruce bradley, taken from his must read Q&A here:
"Finally, I think we can’t underestimate the challenge of how we welcome people to the real food movement. As a single parent who works a full-time job, I know the struggle of juggling an overwhelming number of balls. Accepting people where they are on their journey, kindly helping them along the way, and not judging them if they shop at the wrong place or still have some “bad” habits will be essential in growing the movement. The more hurdles we put in place, the more daunting joining the movement will become."
oh can you hear my long exhale?! 
yes yes yeeeeeessssssssss!!
i have so wanted to write about this since i started, but have not known where to start.  i anticipated and have felt others ever so slightly pull away from me as i would tell them about our little food "experiment"...i knew how crazy i would look.  i knew how threatening it would sound.  hello, less than 3 months ago, i made FUN and was very threatened myself by the "crazy food people" who talked about GMO's and processed food and blahditty blah blah...
my biggest fear is that my friends and relatives who have watched and listened to me during my super-light-speed food journey will feel that i am judging them, scolding them for not jumping off the highway with me.   
i hope i will never lose the perspective of where i was over 70 days ago.  
i don't think, WAIT....i KNOW that i would never have done this if there hadn't been that moment of sheer panic with abbie and her ADHD symptoms at school.  
i honestly wonder if i would have ever have joined this whole real food thing...maybe not.  
i was pretty darn happy and so were my kids with the food we were eating.
that is why i'll continue to blog, share sites, have fun with my hot mamas and spread the real food love for anyone who might want to join the party.
slow and steady finishes the race.
there are runners in the front, the middle and at the back of the pack.
it doesn't matter what pace you set, 
you've got a spot on the team.

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  1. you mean oreo's aren't on the best 125 foods list? whaaattttt? (; xoxo


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