Monday, October 8, 2012

day 30 and a foodie weekend

i am very excited about this school week.  in way, i am happy i screwed the pooch by giving her the cal-mag supplement laced with sodium benzoate.  it has been vaporized from the house f.o.r.e.v.e.r.

hopefully, her little brain is clean as a whistle now...fingers and toes crossed, butt cheeks clenched.

mac complained about not liking the new maple syrup over the weekend.  abbie was sitting next to him ready to whine and agree...  this is how i handled it:  

"mac, let me read you the ingredients of our old syrup: corn syrup, liquid sugar (natural sugar, water), water, salt, natural and artificial flavor (lactic acid), sodium hexametaphosphate, preservatives (sodium benzoate, sorbic acid), caramel color, phosphoric acid.   that stuff comes from gasoline and here is the new maple syrup bottle - (plop on the table in front of him) - this comes straight from a tree, mac.  
and feel free to read the ingredients yourself: "pure maple syrup".

his eyes got wide and he proceeded to eat with gusto, with no comments from either one.  they all asked for seconds on the pancakes.  

also interesting... there is way less syrup used now ...hmmmmmm.

i tried out another pizza crust recipe on friday.   
this one has made the cut.  
i love danielle's blog so much!

i think i rolled it out a little too thin, next time i will leave it thicker.  
I also did not have raw cashews, so i will definitely be adding those to my grocery list.  

now for the main event!!!

one of my family's favorite dishes has always been 

i haven't made it since our food revolution.
i am super-duper-looper excited about my newly adapted and might i say, improved sauce.  
we had a family over for dinner so this meal fed four adults and six kiddos.
(how i forgot to take pictures of the meat & sauce is beyond me...)

the mullies peach barbeque sauce

2 canned peaches quartered and smashed up & drained (i used trader joe's (tj's) canned peaches and i bet fresh would rock)
3 c organic ketchup (tj's...this is approximate since i kept adding more from the original recipe link above)
2 T organic coconut oil (tj's)
2 tsp veganaise horseradish
1 tsp cider vinegar
2 T prepared organic mustard (tj's...this is also approx since i kept adding more to taste)
2/3 c sucanat
2 tsp black pepper
1/2 tsp salt (i used pink himalayan salt)
1/3 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

i think it's fun to experiment and add more of this or that while you're cooking!  so, just dump it all in a small pot and mix it up as it heats through.  once it was all combined, i kept a lid on it and simmered the sauce until it was time to eat.

full recipe notes:
i seasoned three tenderloins with a salt and pepper blend and used coconut oil to brown the meat.  
you MUST coat the tops of the tenderloins with some sauce before finishing the cooking in the oven.  

good golly miss molly it's ahhhhmazing.

here are the sides i made with dinner and the links to the recipes:

i substituted earth's balance vegan buttery sticks and cup 4 cup gluten free flour.  i actually had a butternut squash, but just not enough time to cook that too.  so, i used canned pumpkin puree instead.

i offered honey or butter to slather on top.  delish.  thanks shannalee!!

diced purple-lishious potatoes

these little guys were in my organic produce box for the week.  i was so surprised when i cut into the first one and they were marbled all purple and white!!  (i simply drizzled evoo, kosher salt and pepper all over them and cooked them with the tenderloins).

these didn't turn out as thick or as light in color as heather's beautiful pictures.  
maybe i put too many bananas in...

you bettah believe i will be baking these cakies again.
totally, completely gone in 15 minutes flat.  

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  1. love how you handled the syrup issue! and amazing how when you tell a kiddo straight and let them see the difference they understand! love this (:


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