Wednesday, September 26, 2012

enchiladas with a side of major mullies news

we had enchiladas for dinner last night.

i was nervous.

#1 i have never used this daiya cheese before, and come on it's not real cheese people.  gross.
#2 hello i put spinach in this.
#3 i have never made this ever.

here is my enchilada meat mix (in order of addition)

1 lb grass fed organic ground beef 15/20
suck out the grease
eyeballed shakes of chili powder, cumin and sweet paprika (kids don't like it too spicy)
approx 1/2 c of chicken broth (or whatever broth you have on hand...also eyeballed)
1 T of organic sucanat (or brown sugar is just fine)
1.5 T of leftover walnut pulp!!!!!  (the white stuff in the container)
simmer with the lid on

i mixed the mozzarella and cheddar shreds


nuke the tortilla about 20 seconds before you put it together. 

trust me, if you don't, it'll break and not make a pretty little burrito baby.

mac had to leave early for flag football so i made his time, when we all eat together, i'll use a bigger baking dish and line them all up.  

this small dish really worked well for small portions (2 enchiladas actually fit in mine) & staggered eating...key for busy nights.


 ok, so i had to feed tommy...but he ate almost the entire thing!  mac ate an entire one by himself.  I split abbie and tommy's 1st enchilada because i was not holding my breath... 

abbie asked for another one an hour later.  

abbie has never like cheese in the past so i was totally floored by the daiya.  it melts like cheese and tastes darn good heated up.  i do not recommend eating it out of the bag...just not like the real deal.  

and how about that walnut pulp!?  you could not even tell it was in there, super awesome.

and for the very best news...

abbie's reading teacher emailed me with an update:  "I have noticed a positive difference in Abbie's attention level since I've been working with her again.  She is pretty much on task the entire 30 minutes of the reading lesson.  She continues to read to herself (which is what she is supposed to do) when I'm listening to other students, follows my directions, and is engaged in the lesson."  

i read this while i was cooking the enchiladas, listening to the holiday soundtrack (oh love that movie) of course, i got a teansy weansy bit emotional.  i mean the director even said "cut". 

this sh*t is working man.  to the mullies i say.


  1. three HAPPY kids, success!!!!!!

  2. Great news about Abbie's teacher! LOVE that you are seeing real progress.


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