Thursday, September 13, 2012

day 6

time is precious, $$ is even more precious.  and one could go way overboard on all of this...

so, i have decided that my mission in all of this is to find a balance.  to help my kids and keep my sanity.  cuz if i'm not sane, holy hell will breakout.  

in the meantime, i am going to search for doable breakfasts, doable lunches and dinners.  i can't cook like giada EVERY night.  how cool would it be to develop a sane, healthy meal plan that rotates!?  a grocery list that won't bankrupt me.  i am going to try...i've hired myself.  i used to hit a lot of home runs...  i'll settle on some base hits for now.  

my friend laura reminded me today of something i said when abbie was 3 months old:  

"is it bad to give your kids mc'donalds 3 or 4 times a week?" 

no, i did NOT say that!  really?!  oh god, i probably did:)  a week ago i would have said, one time a weeks is fiiiinnnnne.  today, um no, not for a month can you have one f'ing morsel.  

the real world is out there though.  what will happen when they are away from the roost?  i refuse to be a hovering, anxiety-driven helicopter parent.  

i will scare the ever living crap out of them.  brainwashing my mom tells me.  that's what she did to us.  where's a copy of food inc?  i have a copy of forks over knives on hold at the library.  it's a start.  T held my ass to the fire yesterday and made me call the library.  thank you.

this is going to be a forever thing.  i really want it to be.  so i'm typing this in hopes the written words will help me kick ass at it.  it's super fun to be awesome at something.  even better when it's hard and then not so hard anymore.  

i mean i did it for myself, how can i not do it for my kids and hubby too?  such a stupid question. 

an update on juice boxes.  these fruitables only have 6g of sugar vs 14g from the capri sun super v's. sold.

the kids are enjoying the kid cliff z bars.  abbie likes the chocolate brownie the best, mac likes the oatmeal cookie bar too.  

i think abbie's fav looks like a piece of crap.

well hello mr hankie.  


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