Friday, September 28, 2012

a working grocery list and our favorite smoothie recipe

i have had a few friend requests for my new grocery list items.  sorry it has taken me so long!

i have been using this "working" list and it will be nice to continue making adjustments here without the scribble scrabble.

I tried to only include items that are "new" to our pantry.  i will continue to come back to this list and update it.  i have been able to find everything between target, mariano's, cosco, trader joe's and all ways healthy.  i am trying to be careful with how much soy products i give mac & tommy, trying to avoid too much estrogen in their little bodies:)

next step, compare prices and shop smarter...

baking/cooking items
sucanat brown sugar
nutritional yeast
regular yeast
almond flour
coconut flour
flaxseed meal
brown rice flour
bob's red mill gluten free all purpose baking flour
himalayan salt (found it at tjmax!)
trader joe's organic coconut oil

smoothie ingredients
raw hemp seeds
goji berries
trader joe's vanilla hemp powder (haven't used yet)
chia seeds
cascadian farms organic frozen berries (cosco)
frozen strawberries
pb2 powdered peanut butter
sweetleaf liquid stevia sweet drops berry flavor

cliff bars
simply bars
gogo squeeze apple sauce
veggie chips
lays potato chips
dried fruit snack packs from cosco
lundberg brown rice cakes (great w/ peanut butter on top)
annie's organic bunny fruit snacks (these are a rare treat)
coconut icecream

fruitables juice boxes
trader joes canned light coconut milk
rice milk
regular almond milk and dark chocolate almond milk
homemade walnut milk
simply orange juice

bare chicken
thousand hills 100% grass fed nitrite free beef products
applegate farms bacon, turkey (by the lb at target!), gluten free nuggets/corndogs & breakfast sausage

condiments & sauces
vegenaise sandwich spread and horseradish sauce
organic ketchup
organic pickles
earth's balance natural buttery spread (soy free)
skippy natural peanut butter & justin's honey peanut butter (just bought it, we'll see!)
welch's concord grape spread
trader joe's organic midnight moo chocolate syrup
trader joe's bolognese tomato sauce
trader joe's organic mustard
tofutti sour cream & cream cheese (on my list to get when i need them...thanks tiffany!)

whole grains
udi's white bread
quinoa & quinoa pasta
brown rice & brown rice pasta (kids say tinkyada brand IS the best - thanks t!)
trader joe's organic country white bread (yes, we keep some gluten bread for the hubby)

daiya mozzarella and cheddar style shredded cheese

large box of organic fruits and veggies from all ways healthy.

here is my recipe for the family favorite smoothie right now.  the only difference between the two kids' smoothies?  mac likes a banana added and abbie prefers no banana, a frozen berry mix added, plus two drops of the stevia sweet drops (she drinks more if it's sweeter!).

strawberry power smoothie with the nutribullet
frozen strawberries
frozen berries
vanilla coconut milk
3 T raw hemp seeds
1-2 drops of sweetleaf stevia drops berry flavor

they drink about half of the smoothie for breakfast and i save the rest for a snack when they get home from school.

have i told you how much i love this little blender?

happy friday!  i have a big dinner planned tonight, can't wait:)

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